Professional Deputies assists a 91 year old lady suffering from dementia, whose social worker had financial abuse concerns when it came to her daughter.

The lady’s Social Worker would have usually referred this case to the Client Affairs Team (who manage the financial affairs of vulnerable adults) within the lady’s Local Authority. However due to the Adult Social Care Department within the Local Authority expected to make savings close to £3m over the forthcoming years, and the fact that the service is non-statutory, had led to senior management deciding that no further referrals would be accepted.

The Social Worker made some enquiries with local solicitors, as to whether they would take the case on, and what charges they would apply for the services provided. They were more than happy to take the case on, but would charge ‘assessed costs’ for any deputyship work undertaken. ‘Assessed costs’ far exceed the ‘fixed costs’ set by the Court of Protection annually, and will generally take into account the size of the client’s estate. In acting in line with one of the five key principles (best interests) of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, which all care professionals are expected to comply with when dealing with people who may suffer from some form of mentally incapacity, it was decided that using a solicitor was not the best option.

Thus the Social Worker turned to Professional Deputies, who specialise in managing the property and financial affairs of vulnerable adults. Importantly for the Social Worker, Professional Deputies charged ‘fixed costs’ as opposed to ‘assessed costs’, which gave peace of mind to the Social Worker when applying the principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

As the lady in question had considerable assets, including property and investments, Professional Deputies had to firstly apply to the Court of Protection to become her deputy. A deputies role is to protect their client’s assets, savings or property, and no such person had acted in this capacity before, for this lady. Secondly by working closely with the Safeguarding Adults Team from the Local authority, Professional Deputies was able to get to the bottom of some of the very serious allegations of financial abuse that had been levelled against the lady’s daughter. It transpired that the daughter had been systematically stealing funds from her mother over a five year period totalling nearly £168,000, and was also in the process of attempting to get the title deeds to some of her mother’s properties, changed into her own name. By working collaboratively with the Safeguarding Adults Team, Professional Deputies were able to claim back some of the stolen funds, and were also able to ensure that the lady’s properties continued to remain in her own name.

Professional Deputies – managing the property and financial affairs of vulnerable adults

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