Our role at Professional Deputies is to manage the financial affairs of our clients. However to do this effectively we need input from the clients circle of care when it comes to their day-to-day living. Thus we work closely and in partnership with Care Managers, Social Workers, Residential Care Home Workers, Domiciliary Care Workers, carers, families, and friends to ensure that our client’s needs and requests are met. Without this vital link up with the afore mentioned workers there would not be that bridge between ourselves and our clients. The easiest way to portray it, is to see two distinct entities working towards the same goal of ensuring the client receives the service they deserve:

Care Management – eg. Social Worker handling the day-to-day needs of the client. Say the client required or wanted a new sofa, the Social Worker would convey this message to ourselves. Professional Deputies – Handling all financial matters for the client. After receiving the relevant information about the sofa wanted by the client, we would subsequently then organise the sofa to be delivered to our client’s house.

By working collaboratively with organisations like local authorities, our work will often complement the work done by these organisations, and brings advantages for both the client and the organisations we work with in the form of:

Deputyship and Appointeeship Services  London  Assists the client’s care plan for both the Social Worker and the client
Deputyship and Appointeeship Services  London  Unravels financial assessments
Deputyship and Appointeeship Services  London  Safeguarding Adults Policy criteria is met
Deputyship and Appointeeship Services  London  Maximises income for both the client and the referring organisation
Deputyship and Appointeeship Services  London  Enables the client to spend their money the way they desire

Professional Deputies – managing the property and financial affairs of vulnerable adults

Professional Deputies
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