Appointeeship is a term used by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This means
that someone else, an Appointee, can manage the state benefits of an individual if they are
unable to do so either because of mental incapacity or severe physical disability.
An Appointee can be either an individual (friend or relative) or an organisation (a company,
health authority, solicitor, local authority etc).

Appointeeship is granted when service users are unable to manage their income/benefits, do not qualify for Deputyship under the Court of Protection and no other person or organisation has been identified as being suitable to undertake this role. For a person to be eligible for appointeeship they must either:

Deputyship and Appointeeship Services  London be on a low income (i.e. state benefits alone or state benefits along with a small income or pension) such that they would not be considered as being suitable for Deputyship
Deputyship and Appointeeship Services  London lack capacity to manage their own affairs
Deputyship and Appointeeship Services  London have no one to manage their financial affairs for them

An Appointee will:

• claim state benefits and sign forms for the individual
• collect/receive the state benefits for the individual
• make appropriate payments on behalf of the individual including charges for care
• ensure the individual, if in residential care, receives their Personal Expenses Allowance
• report any changes in circumstances to the DWP

Professional Deputies – managing the property and financial affairs of vulnerable adults

Professional Deputies
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