Andy Riddle - Managing Director

Andy possesses over fifteen years of experience, working within the field around managing vulnerable client’s funds/assets. Ten of those were spent advising numerous local authorities throughout the UK on these services, while 2011 saw him set up his own organisation – Professional Deputies. While doing this he was also offered the opportunity to build a private client department for a small law firm. During this period of a year and a half, he learnt a great deal about how a private client practice should be run – the lessons of which he has subsequently taken back to Professional Deputies for the benefit of all.

Someone who has a healthy passion for the Adult Social Care sector, and who believes strongly in the rights of those who are suffering from some form of mental incapacity.

Andy is also the owner of the ‘Managing the Financial & Legal Affairs of Vulnerable Adults’ group on LinkedIn.

In his spare time Andy enjoys travelling, keeping fit, music, films, cooking, reading and trying to master his Spanish with his partner and daughter Nerea.

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Ron Hiller - Partner

Ron has worked as a Director and Senior Executive for international organisations in both the Private and Public sector, specialising in business rationalisation, income maximisation and efficiency. He is also a Certified Member of the Institute of Credit Management. This commercial acumen was harnessed in his founding of Essex Guardians, the largest local authority specialist team undertaking the administration of vulnerable individual’s financial affairs, delivering both protection and safeguarding to those most in need.

In 2013 he joined a legal practice as a senior consultant on Private Client matters, creating a specialist team to provide help, guidance and consultancy to individuals, private and public sector bodies in the control, management and protection of the financial affairs of vulnerable individuals in our society.

Ron is a dementia champion and has over 10 years’ experience of working with vulnerable individuals.

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Paul O’Brien – Client Financial Affairs Manager

Paul possesses over eleven years of experience working within the field around managing vulnerable client’s funds/assets. He worked for over four years within the Court of Protection helping oversee the implementation of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Court of Protection’s inception in 2007. Following this he spent more than six years working with a local authority directly overseeing the management of over two hundred cases when it came to vulnerable adults and their finances, before joining Professional Deputies. In his spare time Paul enjoys keeping fit, music, films, reading and spending quality time with his wife and three children.

Phone: 07740 349 651     Email:     LinkedIn

Professional Deputies – managing the property and financial affairs of vulnerable adults

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